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Why am I missing shots with the Pro Trac Billiard Trainer?

The three most common reasons for missing shots when using the trainer. 1. Not placing the cue ball in a straight line to the target. 2. The shot was not properly aligned to the center of the pocket. 3. The shooter did not stroke the cue ball to the center of the target.


 Does the Pro Trac teach me how to stand and bridge the cue stick?

No it does not. Basic billiard fundamentals should be developed before using this training aid.

 Can english be used when practicing with the trainer?

Yes. Using right and left english will make it more difficult to strike the target in the center. It is highly recommended for beginners to use center cue ball high and low at first. 

Is the Pro Trac Billiard Trainer useful for all skill levels?

Absolutely. It is a great tool to use if you are a C level player wanting to learn how to pocket shots and develope a straight stroke, or  B level players wanting to improve their consistency. It is also beneficial for A level players just wanting to sharpen up their aim on shots they may be struggling with.

What makes this trainer different then the rest?

What sets the Pro Trac Billiard Trainer apart from the rest is that its unique target gives the shooter not only the ghost ball spot but also shows the fractional aiming perspective on the shot (the amount of overlap the cue ball has on the object ball at different angles).   


No other aim trainer on the market achieves this without being moved prior to shooting the shot.